Medical Billing FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Click on the following links where we have answered the most common questions.

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Questions (FAQ)

Medical Billing? – This two word phrase covers a lot of ground, can we help refine what you’re looking for?

Patient Support – Who does a patient call if they have billing questions?

HIPAA – Is Preferred Health Resources HIPAA compliant?

Medical Billing Specialties – What medical specialties do you service?

Medical Billing – New York – How do you specialize in NY billing?

Pricing – We provided a custom quotation for each practice.  There are no concealed Fees: If there are startup costs they are stated in the agreement.  Sometime there are startup feed to interface with an EMR or Practice Management system. There aren’t fees for things like sending reports or printing statements.  We try to provide a simple agreement that doesn’t bury you in fine print prices.

Why don’t you charge a fixed fee per claim?

We charge on a percentage basis so we have an incentive to maximize your reimbursements.  Some companies also offer a secondary fee for those claims that require follow-up.  This almost creates an incentive not to get it processed in the first place.  We have taken over some of our practices from other billing companies that charge fixed fees.  Many times we have found that these per claim agencies had let claims fall by the wayside and beyond the point of the carries timely filing period.  BUT, we do as much cleanup as we possibly can to recover these lost receivables.

Are you a collection agency?

No, we aren’t. We try to minimize the percent of your claims that get to be over 90 days. You’ll find you have only a small need for a collection agency.  Over 90 days receivables for most of our accounts is under 5 percent.