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Question: medical billing
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Answer: You many come to our web site from a search engine like Google or Yahoo having entered a number of medical billing search terms. In order to find what you’re looking for you may need to be more specific and that’s what we’ll help you do. The easiest way to get more specific is to add a third word to the phrase. Here are some suggestions and links within our site:

In order to get a more complete collection of web site to visit try the following advice.

Search Terms: medical billing company,
medical billing service, physician billing

If you are a physician or administrator you could be looking for a medical billing company that provide medical billing service. They are pretty much the same thing but try both service and company, but you’ll often find different results with the two phrases with the search engines.

Another hint, you may find somewhat different results if you enter the plural version of the search phrase, instead of the singular version as listed above.

A third important hint, if you want a local vendor then also use the name of you city or state in the search, like “medical billing nyc“, “medical billing Texas“, or “medical billing companies in Denver“. PHR is in New York but we can process claims for any state.  However, we understand if you want a local presence.

A fourth query is to put in your medical specialty such as medical billing family practice, or medical billing cardio thoracic surgery.  This may not yield many results but its worth a try.

Search Term: medical billing opportunity, medical billing startup, medical billing business

If you are an individual looking for a business opportunity to start a medical billing company our link will give you a realistic starting point.

Other Medical Billing Search Terms: medical billing employment, medical billing training, medical billing courses

If you are an individual looking for employment check that link.  If you looking for training the best place to start may actually be your local community college.

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