EMR Effectiveness

Presently PHR doesn’t provide startup assistance. Further, we would warn
you that numerous companies say they offer medical billing opportunities but they are frauds. It’s such a problem that the Federal Trade Commission has a web notice that gives advice regarding how to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company:

Medical Billing Opportunities: Worth a Second Opinion

Here is a case that the FTC successfully prosecuted:


The Better Business Bureau also has a warning:

Medical Billing Opportunities

The FTC and BBB articles say that most doctors do their own billing or
use an experienced firm. We would have to agree, everyone in our firm
has at least eight years experience doing medical billing. Almost all
of our growth has come from referrals. To start your own billing service
you would have to start from scratch and cold call without references.

However, if you are really determined a good place to start are the medical
billing trade associations.   Here are some of their URLs:

Here is one web site, that we have contacted, that has an realistic approach
to this industry. This isn’t an endorsement, we haven’t used their services
but membership is only $50:


Whatever you do make sure you are ready to help your practices with HIPAA
compliance since your billing company will be a covered entity.

Sorry we cant be of greater assistance.