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Preferred Health Resources hands-on approach allows us to act as an extension of your staff, one of many medical billing benefits. This permits you and your personnel on, mostly to focused on the practicing medicine. instead of the insurance paper chase.

At PHR we are committed to increasing your receivables and decreasing your expenses. Please read the following to understand how we are able to get these results:

  • Individual Account Executive
    Each Client is assigned their own account executive. This gives your staff the security and comfort of dealing with the same representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice.  And yes, each account representative has a backup.They post and review all payments preventing wrong alterations and ensuring that the proper amount is being paid by the insurance companies. Every claim that was exceptional is monitored until it paid and is processed to its fullest. This really is not team that is different. They’re incorporated along with your present staff and possess precisely the same aims at heart.Our account rep know that PHR doesn’t make money in the event the practice will not earning money. They work to ensure an efficient total workflow when desired, and offer training. The practice also gets entry to a substantial combined knowledge base of charge specialists to assist in browsing the ever raising business changes.
  • No Recorded Voice prompts
    All calls are answered personally. Does anyone want to go through the labyrinth of touchtone choices, only to be left on hold, disconnected, or worse, left with an unresolved billing inquiry. We never use electronic voice prompts during regular business hours. When a patient calls they speak directly with an account representative. Questions are answered courteously, and all efforts are made to expedite a settlement.  Patient privacy and support are never compromised.
  • Electronic Claims Submissions
    PHR daily submits your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all commercial carriers. Once we receive your data, your account representative checks for errors, makes corrections if necessary, and submits the claims.
  • Get Paid Faster & Get Paid More
    Cash flow is critical. Your days in AR, or sales cycle time, has an important impact all on your own bottom line. Your claims may be submitted by outsourcing medical billing right into a statement service faster and with fewer errors, and you receive that means payment from payers in the shortest quantity of time.  Achieving the very best settlement possible in the least amount of time, cash put in the financial institution rather than on the books. Are you really aware what your Medicare cycle time that is typical is, we do!?
  • Claims Follow-up
    We don’t get all claims the first round.  So e aggressively follow-up on all claims. In addition to your individual account executive that deals with carriers and patients, PHR has follow-up specialists that assist in calling patients to deal with outstanding balances. We know that we dont get paid unless you get paid.
  • Consistency
    Your practice is vulnerable to unplanned worker churn or staff changes. An outsourced medical billing service possession of a large enough team personel to ensuring your claims get processed quickly and accurately, leaving your practice protected from the disruptions in cash flow. PHR can also provide services in your EHR/Practice Management software. Which means that you won’t wait indefinitely to learn a brand-new system. You reap the advantages of managing a staff which is smaller and can outsource your invoice.tanding balances. We know that we dont get paid unless you get paid.
  • We Train on YOUR EMR
    Does you staff know your EMR, they may not.  They may not have a working relationship with your EMR vendor.  Often, to get the best out of interfacing with your EMR it helps for PHR to learn your system, if we don’t already do.  Besides we’re quick to pick up on new systems.  So we transfer demographics to our system as smoothly as possible.
  • Healthcare is Changing Quickly, If Not Radically
    The health care landscape is changing at an unprecedented speed and Medical Billing isn’t spared from your turmoil of change. Keeping up with demands and the changing rules is challenging under the top of conditions. It needs vigilance and continuous education. Deleted and new CPT codes come out per annum, Fees transform, and carrier rules appear to fluctuate day-to-day. Do you or your staff have the time to keep up?
    The benefits of medical billing can mainly be focused on the need of having a multi-disciplined specialized group of people with the right abilities.  On top of which in the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in sophistication and government red tape. Whether you’re in the middle of chaos like updating to another system, seasoned expert, or a brand new practice startup, referring to some specialization is warrented.
  • Managing Your Practice
    Yearly and monthly reporting is provide by account reps and PHR management address all questions. Things like payer compensation problems or price entry mistakes could be recognized before they spiral out of control. With over 1,200 type of reports you have the kind of control you haven’t had before. Adding a professional team working with you towards a common goal.

A medical billing firm providing sales cycle management services is becoming a requirement. Profit margins are decreasing in the private sector as a result of increased regulation, decreased carrier allowances and carrier red tape. Than it’s great business sense working economically is a matter of survival.

Next time you or your administrator has to get on the phone to try to talk to a insurance company because your in-house staff can’t handle it don’t you think its time to call PHR (877) 988-9600.