(Last Updated On: December 21, 2016)

According to the  people at Software Advice earlier this year the NAHIT established definitions for EHR, EMR and PHR. Given their authority, and the Bush administration’s plan to build an interoperable health IT infrastructure, EHR has become the standard phrase to describe an electronic patient chart. However, the majority of physicians are still searching for an EMR, and software vendors haven’t renamed their products.

Software Advise wrote their article EHR vs EMR – What’s the Difference? to explain the difference between the two systems and help physicians understand what role the acronym should have in their purchase.

I don’t remember seeing this on any of the regular IT healthcare blogs but it’s really mute.  EMR is going to stick for sometime and I wonder if NAHIT only made things more complex by trying to pigeon-hole the definitions.

By Jordan Glogau