Internal Medicine Medical Billing
We know your Internal Medicine, let us build your business.  Internal medicine is often riddled with complications when billing out charges. The range of patient care issues provided by internal medicine is wide and varied.

Even though our focus is on medical billing and accounts receivable management, our broad experience across the entire Revenue Cycle Management process in internal medicine practice is why we can give you an advantage compared to in-house billing.

Internal Medicine – How to Decrease Denials

One of the first things to accomplish in decreasing denials sets is identifying on the front end (charge creation) where processes might be improved and made more efficient.  Here are some tips:

  • Check patient eligibility, which should be an option from your EMR. Some of the largest denials that our company sees are denials for lack of coverage, termination of coverage, or a change in coverage. These denials have exploded recently with the flood of new managed care insurance carriers that have been introduced on the healthcare market place. Again, check your Electronic Medical Records system.
  • Check authorization requirements.  Many providers also see denials for a lack of authorization for certain procedure types. This requires that the office identify why the patient is being seen and checking the patient benefits for that reason.
  • Don’t forget to work with your biller to check for timely filing.  All carriers have a limited amount of time during which to request an authorization which, once this time period has passed, trying to file a claim may not be possible at all or take extra paperwork.
    Check for time limits between visits. Understand that carriers have strict time limits for certain office visits – especially well visits. If you see the patient too early it can result in a denial of the claim.

Internal Medicine – Specific Medical Billing Issues

An internal medicine practice often faces challenges with charging coverage which other specializations might not run into. It’s the Internist which will have to run a variety of evaluations to help make the first analysis which is subsequently followed up with a specialist. In contrast to other specializations, consultations are limited.

An internal medicine practice has to deal with all body systems and many of distinct disorders associated problems or special processes or treatments. Furthermore, an Internist must provide regular evaluation services and routine preventative procedures.  This means a much bigger superbill!

Internal Medicine professionals may have to deal with evaluations, preliminary treatments and processes to solve a medical problem that then has to be referred to other specialists or even multiple specialists. These intermediate measures in treatment means you need a billing service that reflects this complex cooperation among medical professionals. An internist deals with varied evaluations, processes and treatment alternatives requires a billing service which is really capable of handling diverse and complex EOBs and can deal with the idiosyncrasies of the varied carriers/insurers.

The Internal Medicine Medical Billing Quest

The processing of Internal Medicine medical billing claims is a function of two major issues: Volume and Accuracy.

In some cases, Internists may see up to forty patients per day. This may include not only appointments in the office, but also visits to the hospital, nursing home and skilled nursing facility. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger practice, we can process these large volumes of claims in a timely, efficient, accurate and profitable manner.

Internal Medicine Medical Billing – Some Tricks of the Trade

One of the many highlights of our service includes the ability to tap into most hospital systems in order to obtain patient demographic and chart data information. This leads to a reduction in the amount of time spent by the office staff coordinating and releasing relevant information to our offices for claims entry and processing. Of course, the less time you deal with our staff means the more time you have available to tend to patients, resulting in greater patient satisfaction.

One of the many areas of expertise PHR provides is in regards to Medicare; this will prove to be substantially helpful in processing the claims of Internal Medicine physicians. Some physicians have up to 35% of their patient base as Medicare recipients. This means keeping abreast of Medicare rules, regulations and guidelines is imperative for the lucrative processing of your claims. Further, we can deal with issues such as:

  • Medicare as Secondary
  • Medicare When the Spouse is Still Working
  • Medicare Wellness Care
  • Medicare with a Private Payor as Secondary

Yes, there are a number of gotcha that we know to take into consideration.

Internal Medicine Billing Experts

Preferred Health Resources offer Internal Medicine billing expertise that provide comprehensive support for the busy Internist whose practice demands his or her attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to professionally and accurately submitting all your claims, Preferred Health Resources also provides the following services for one, performance-based fee:

  • Personal responses to all patient billing questions
  • Generation and mailing of patient statements
  • Rapid posting of reimbursements
  • Customized monthly statistical reports and spread sheets tracking business activity and productivity
  • Application of effective collection procedures to promote remittance of outstanding receivables
  • Collection and analysis of patient information
  • Evaluation and recommendations for fee structuring strategies
  • Over 1,200 different type of reports are available to all practices

As one of the most unique and distinguished medical billing companies in the industry, Preferred Health Resources offers thorough solutions to all of your billing and clinical practice needs. For one fee, internist receive the benefits of working with an experienced medical billing company that takes pride in providing clients with consummate professionals possessing years of experience in the medical billing industry.

PHR maximizes office competency and minimizes the expense of backlogs. Internist will also no longer have to worry about rising overhead expenses, upgrading computer software, pursuing denial of payment claims or inadvertently violating HIPAA guidelines. Additional benefits provided by Preferred Health Resources include:

  • Assignment of a personal account executive
  • Personal response to questions (no voice recordings)
  • Daily submission of claims electronically
  • Productive and assertive follow-up on all claims
  • PHR will bill off of your EMR or billing system.

Experiencing significant loss of revenue due to billing issues is both unnecessary and rectifiable. PHR’s experienced staff of authoritative medical billing and claims processors are always prepared to fight for its clients to get the best reimbursements from all carriers. Let Preferred Health Resources take charge of the medical billing aspect of your internal medicine practice and discover the satisfaction of knowing your claims are being managed accurately, professionally and with a personal touch.

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If you’re a internist searching for a medical billing firm that improves your reimbursements you should call PHR.  Preferred Health Resources does medical billing for internal medicine that are customized for you, your office and patients.

If you’re experiencing loss of revenue due to billing it is unnecessary and rectifiable. PHR’s experienced staff of authoritative internal medicine billing and claims processors are always prepared to fight for its clients to get the best reimbursements from all carriers. Let Preferred Health Resources take charge of the medical billing aspect of your practice and discover the satisfaction of knowing your claims are being managed accurately, professionally and with a personal touch.