In an attempt to help the under insured or non insured, the government has started different programs. Healthcare Policy through these various organizations state what is covered and in some instances tend to set standards for reimbursement. Medicare, a federally run government program is intended for United States citizens sixty five years of age or older. There are a few other instances that those under sixty five maybe eligible. For instance, if one is disabled or has end stage renal disease they may qualify for Medicare. This program is dedicated to provide basic medical care with no out of pocket expense to the insured. Although this is the intention, not all medical care is covered and not all medication is covered.

In addition to the federal government assistance, there are also state run government programs. One consideration these states Healthcare Policy program use to dictate eligibility is individual family income. Each state has different limits to base eligibility upon. Application to this program is available to those that are sixty five years old and younger, those that are uninsured or those unable to afford insurance. Basic medical care is covered under these programs also. On the state level, the federal government supplements the programs that are designated for children. Again because of the numbers involved, these healthcare programs are able to set payment rendered for specific care. Unfortunately, for some reason the current system feels the need to hide the negotiated amount that will be paid for said medical care.


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